Sunday, August 1, 2010


i'd like to introduce how human will gave and learn about. the body, mind, brain, emotion, and theres so much kind elements on this body. all of them have collaborated by the brain commands. is it true or not. right now the neuroscience believe  that it's true. the medical science, or even a child on primary or early school they will be believe in.

but how it will happen if blood, heart, and nose do not work. i think the brain will have stuck and can not respond anything or ask any other parts of body to gain energy, but the survival skill will be doing anything to save this life, not think or any other idea about. just to survive.

this my introducing post, next we will discuss so much about, life, think, and anything else even its just for fun, nevertheless a serious post will be run on unscheduled label, topics, or time. so have smart and fun!!!